Webinar: Thursday 25th June. Successfully Scaling Your Management Consultancy


How do small management consultancies grow successfully? What does it take to scale after a crisis? This latest webinar in the CMC-Global series on ways to work through the impacts of Covid-19 looks at common traits of companies that have grown and thrived as the world around them has changed. Registrations are now open –…

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Webinar, Thursday 11th June: Artificial Intelligence – when is it coming and what will it mean


This webinar will look at how the rise of AI will augment, automate and ultimately accelerate our lives and businesses. It is the latest in the CMC-Global series on ways to work through the impacts of Covid-19. Speaker Dave Copps, Worlds CEO, is an internationally recognised futurist, technologist and visionary on the role emerging technologies…

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Webinar, Thursday 4th June: What will the ‘New Normal’ look like?


What will the ‘New Normal’ look like? How will it affect us? How do we prepare to lead the trends rather than follow? How resilient and adaptable are we? The next webinar in the CMC-Global series on ways to work through the impacts of Covid-19 will discuss many of the questions we face today as…

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Webinar, Thursday 28th May: Coaching After Disasters


The next webinar in the CMC-Global series on ways to work through the impacts of Covid-19, Coaching After Disasters, will provide consultants with insights to help define urgent issues, set priorities and establish an action plan to assist with business recovery efforts. There are two options to join: Session 1 at 7pm this Thursday 28th…

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Webinar, Friday 22nd May: Managing Teams in Turbulent Times


In times of major disruption the outcomes for any organisation, and its people are uncertain. Managers face uncertainty whether they are the head of the organisation or managing front line workers. Staff and clients want answers and certainty, but the answers do not exist. The next webinar in the CMC-Global series on ways to work…

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Webinar, Thursday 7th May: Consulting in Chaos


Major disruption is likely to continue across many industries for some time to come. So how do Consultants react and respond to clients needs in times of such uncertainty? The next in the CMC-Global series of webinars on ways to work through the impacts of Covid-19 addresses this. This week there will be a panel…

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Webinar, Thursday 30th April: Advising Clients in Turbulent Times


Understanding our role as trusted advisers, how to advise our clients when the future is unknown, and what practices we can use to help weather the storm and be ready for the recovery period are key challenges facing consultants today. We need to deal with the effects of Covid-19 on our own businesses and help our clients do…

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Informal end-of-week catch up sessions


IMC has held end-of-week virtual meetings for each week of New Zealand’s lockdown. Over a glass of wine (or something else) members have shared experiences, insights and musings with consulting colleagues around the country. We have heard some fascinating perspectives and have had more than a few laughs. We would now like to invite our wider…

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Newsletter, March 2020


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are all facing unprecedented  uncertainties and challenges. IMC New Zealand is here to support our members in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have suggestions for ways we can provide assistance and support. 50 Years of IMC in New Zealand 2020 marks…

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Newsletter December 2019


Ready to surf the wave in 2020 Christmas greetings! As the year draws to an end it is a great opportunity to reflect on the year that has been – although if you are like me you are probably more head down trying to reach all those pre-Christmas deadlines as the 25th fast approaches! Council…

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