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Why join IMCNZ?

Market Recognition

Private and public sector clients recognise members as responsible and reliable sources of advice, providing services of the highest quality to solve a broad range of governance, management, operational and technical matters.

Access to Resources

Members will have access to a wide range of consulting-specific resources to help advance their career and to ensure they are working ethically. Members can also showcase their expertise through promoting their personal or organisation's blogs via our Top NZ Consulting Blogs page.


Activities of the Institute facilitate networking with fellow professionals.  Members may meet to exchange ideas and look towards co-operative opportunities.

Client Referral Services

The Institute is the source of referral to members for assignments from organisations and businesses looking to engage consulting services.

Clients can search for Management Consultants with skills and experience to match their needs, using:

  • IMC New Zealand website consultant Search
  • IMC New Zealand consulting brief advertising service
  • IMC New Zealand management consultant tender management service.

International Reciprocity

The CMC is an international certification recognised in over 50 countries.

CMC members are recognised in any other country that has a member Institute of the ICMCI-CMC Global.  A CMC is eligible to apply for membership of any such institute if they move to that country.

Training and Professional Development

The Institute offers professional development opportunities through its regular branch meetings.  The Institute is currently working with professional development organisations to promote the training, education and qualification of persons practising or intending to practise the profession of management consulting in New Zealand.


The Institute and its members ascribe to an ethical and professional code that enhances the profession and provides members with a unique value proposition.

Assurance to Clients

The Institute provides assurance of experience, qualifications and competency of Certified Management Consultants. Membership includes mandatory continuing professional development, providing assurance that skills are up to date. IMC New Zealand has a formal complaints procedure providing a means for clients to lodge a complaint for investigation by the Institute. Only clients of IMC New Zealand members have this level of assurance.

How to Join IMCNZ

IMC New Zealand welcomes new members and enquiries from anyone interested in the management consulting profession.

In joining you become part of an international network of experienced management consultants who are recognised by their peers.

You can apply to join IMC New Zealand online. Details of our membership types and subscriptions are given below. If you are ready to apply now as either a Student, Associate, or Professional member, click on the 'Get Started' button above. The application process takes only a few minutes and you can pay the relevant fees using your credit card or bank transfer.

You can familiarise yourself with the IMC New Zealand Common Body of Knowledge and the IMC New Zealand Professional Code of Conduct here.

If you have any questions or would like further information prior to applying, please contact us and we can arrange for you to meet existing members to discuss the benefits of the Institute and assist you with the application process.

Experienced management consultants will benefit most from joining as Associate or Professional Members. The difference is level of experience. A minimum level of experience as a management consultant (which can include time spent in internal consulting roles) is required to join as a Professional. If applying as a Professional Member you may also apply for assessment as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) at the same time.


Joining as an Associate or Professional requires:

  • Making a personal attestation
  • Completing a short online form
  • Submitting your CV and copies of your qualifications
  • Paying an annual membership fee

IMC CMC's are required to meet the current accreditation standard set by ICMCI.

Membership Levels and Fees

IMCNZ have a number of membership levels to suit various levels of Management Consulting experience.

​All levels of membership are required to be bound by the rules of the Institute and Code of Conduct.

Levels of IMCNZ Membership

Member Type Title Eligible for CMC PD Required Minimum Management Consulting Experience AGM Voting Rights Active as a Management Consultant 10 years as CMC Price
StudentN/ANoNoNilNoNoNoNZ$60 + GST
AssociateAIMCNZNo15hr pa1 yearYesYesNoNZ$200 + GST
ProfessionalMIMCNZYes30hr pa3 years plus recognised degree or professional qualificationYesYesNoNZ$300 + GST
FellowFIMCNZYes30hr paN/AYesYesYes on applicationNZ$300 + GST