Understanding our role as trusted advisers, how to advise our clients when the future is unknown, and what practices we can use to help weather the storm and be ready for the recovery period are key challenges facing consultants today. We need to deal with the effects of Covid-19 on our own businesses and help our clients do so for theirs.

CMC-Global is holding a webinar to look at ways we can work through the impacts of Covid-19. There are two sessions, 7pm this Thursday and 2am Friday. Both sessions will include a presentation by a guest speaker with direct experience in business reactions to the crisis, followed by open discussion. 

There is no registration fee but please note you must be a member of a member Institute (IMCNZ) to attend. To register or for more details: https://www.cmc-global.org/content/icmci-webinar-advising-clients-turbulent-times