What will the ‘New Normal’ look like? How will it affect us? How do we prepare to lead the trends rather than follow? How resilient and adaptable are we? The next webinar in the CMC-Global series on ways to work through the impacts of Covid-19 will discuss many of the questions we face today as we try to understand the shape, form and impact of the ‘New Normal’. Registrations are now open and two session times are offered, Session 1 at 7pm this Thursday 4th June, Session 2 at 14:00 UTC (2am Friday NZT). There is no registration fee but please note you must be a member of a member Institute (IMCNZ) to attend. For more details: https://www.cmc-global.org/content/icmci-what-will-new-normal-look-and-how-can-consultants-prepare