ICMCI Future Leaders

Following the successful completion of the Future of Management Consultancy initiative, the ICMCI Future Leaders community (ICMCI FLs, FLs) has been established as an integral part of the ICMCI governance permanently. See the press release here.

IMCNZ are proudly part of the Founding Group of this newly established community!

ICMCI Future Leaders Founding Group Member Institutes

Armenia China New Zealand
Australia Hong Kong Serbia
Austria India Singapore
Brazil Iran South Africa
Bulgaria Italy Sweden
Canada South Korea United Kingdom
Caribbean Netherlands United States


This global initiative brings together young professionals (up to mid-40s) and offers tailored support and opportunities to develop their consulting and leadership skills. It will build a strong network of industry leaders and will provide a platform for international collaboration to enable effective participation in shaping the future of the consulting profession.

Below are details of the progress made to date and the remaining steps before launching…

FLs Business Plan

The ICMCI FLs Business Plan can be viewed here.  The concept was introduced to the IMCs in October 2023 during two online sessions, as well as at the Annual Meeting of Delegates in Amman.  In the following months, there were individual talks with interested Member Institutes and young professionals.

FLs Council

An ICMCI FLs Council shall be established to form the highest level of governance for the community.  Its members shall attend and vote at the FLs Annual Meeting and act as communication agents with the national institutes.  FLs Member Institutes are eligible to propose up to two candidates for the FLs Council.

FLs Community Chair

The Board shall also approve the FLs Community Chair.  That role shall be taken on in due course by a member of the FLs Steering Committee.  In the interim, a Director of the ICMCI Board, appointed a liaison member of the Steering Committee shall coordinate the activities of the Community.

IMCNZ are all about nurturing talent and providing resources and a community of value and relevance to younger or less experienced consultants. The Future Leaders community aligns perfectly with our mission and we are excited to be part of this new initiative.

Gergana Mantarkova, CMC and ICMCI Board Director, has been appointed Board Liaison for the new structure: “I’m looking forward to continuing the inspiring journey with young consulting professionals all over the world and doing our best to elevate the profession to a new level of distinction.”

For more information, see the promotional video here.


"To be the professional association of choice for management consultants in New Zealand."



To promote excellence and ethics in management consulting through certification, education and the provision of professional resources.


IMC New Zealand

​IMC New Zealand is a member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes ("ICMCI"), an organization that spans 50 plus countries and has in excess of 25,000 members worldwide. IMC members who hold the CMC accreditation are able to practice in ICMCI member countries without further assessment, opening business opportunities around the world.

IMC Objectives

  1. Develop the practice and profession of management consultancy in New Zealand;
  2. Foster the compliance of members with high standards of professional performance and ethical conduct;
  3. Promote actively the training, education and qualifications of persons practising or intending to practice the profession in New Zealand;
  4. To grant certificates and classes of membership to members which denote their proficiency and experience in the profession;
  5. Develop or provide lectures, meetings, conferences and publications and to promote research in management consultancy;
  6. Test the competence of persons engaged or intending to be engaged in the profession; and
  7. Provide organisations (i.e. prospective employers of consulting services) with a register of members and guidance on selecting an appropriately qualified and experienced professional adviser.)

IMCNZ National Council


Gurdeep Talwar CMC



Vice President

Jacquie Hamer CMC



Immediate Past President

Phil Guerin CMC



National Secretary

Rich Downey




Tania Vincent




Karen Clarke CMC

Scott Rodgers CMC

Daniel Merriott CMC

Emma Jeffery