Essentials of Management Consulting Course

Elevate your skills and take your consulting career to the next level with this MBA Elective Level Course

An 8-10 week facilitated online course


The Essentials of Management Consulting (EMC) course will give you the confidence to succeed in consulting. It gives participants a combination of skills, knowledge, experience and ability to bridge the gap between line management and management consulting.

The EMC Course is based on and encompasses the ICMCI Common Body of Knowledge (BoK) and is endorsed by the Institute of Management Consultants New Zealand (IMCNZ).

Presented by Angelo Kehayas, accredited Master Leadership, Performance and Business Coach (MC).


Course Objectives

  • To develop the knowledge and skills required to prepare functional/technical experts for Management Consulting
  • To introduce aspiring Management Consultants to the principles and process of Management Consulting
  • To enhance the skills of professionals who are already consulting but who have never attended a formal course in Management Consulting
  • To expose Consultants to internationally benchmarked best practice


Course Outline

This is a facilitated 8-10 week online course with content equivalent to an MBA elective. The course is presented as a blend of fortnightly live facilitated sessions and online self-paced modules. Valuable content currently tailored to the New Zealand market is included.


The course covers:

  • An Introduction to terms, history and definitions
  • A detailed overview of the competency framework, including the development of methodologies, client engagement, learning, innovation, client interaction and the difference between creativity and innovation
  • Recent trends in management consulting, including the rise of the coach/consultant and the demands from clients for increased value and proof of delivery
  • Consulting on the cusp of disruption
  • Characteristics of a Management Consultant
  • Key ethical principles and ethical dilemma resolution
  • Client roles and expectations
  • Specific means to transfer knowledge to clients
  • Consulting lifecycle
  • Opportunity management: types of opportunity, approaching prospects
  • Opportunity qualification: approach to a qualified opportunity
  • Preliminary analysis (diagnosis/design)
  • Estimating effort and cost
  • Pricing decisions and strategies
  • Planning and developing the proposal
  • Closing the sale: contracting, execution, planning, staying on the cutting edge
  • Research and data collection: analysis/synthesis
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Why projects succeed and fail
  • Engagement management, procuring, monitoring and evaluation
  • Reporting: conclusion and recommendations
  • Specific attributes of service excellence
  • Securing follow on work and ensuring client satisfaction and referrals.


Who should attend?

  • Management Consultants who are new to the industry
  • People looking at moving into Consulting
  • Those who require the skills for their daily operations
  • Contractors who want more specific Management Consulting training
  • Those who make decisions on Consulting and or interact regularly with consultants.




Early bird pricing

  • IMC members $1380 incl GST
  • Non IMC members $1595 incl GST
  • IMC Australia members NZ$1380 no GST
  • Two or more attendees from the same organisation $1380 incl GST each


Standard course pricing

  • IMC members $1595 incl GST
  • Non IMC members $1845 incl GST
  • IMC Australia members NZ$1595 no GST
  • Two or more attendees from the same organisation $1595 incl GST each




Course Facilitator Angelo Kehayas

Recently awarded the designation of Academic Fellow of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (, Angelo is an International Coach and a Fellow and Certified Member (CMC) of the Institute of Management Consultants and Master Coaches of South Africa. He has extensive management, IT, consulting, facilitation, training, coaching, change and programme management experience in large and small organisations. Angelo has also served at executive level in several corporations along with founding numerous ventures.

Angelo is the Past President and Executive Director of the IMCSA and has been actively involved with the setting of standards in the profession internationally for 30 years. He is a past Secretary and Vice Chair of the ICMCI, and has chaired the Professional Standards and Quality Assurance Committee.